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Strong Thurman

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Uma Thurman Interview for Kill Bill

How did you feel about the movie becoming two films? My take on it, not from a marketing standpoint because that's not my thought or interest because I don't know about that stuff, but my take on it, first of all, having been involved with the movie from the beginning, the movie always had an extraordinary, episodic, saga like form. It always had chapter form. It always had these amazing tangents and in fact, watching him write, he wrote reams of backstory, forward story, lateral story to all of these different characters, characters that you've never even seen and for both movies. This world was so thoroughly investigated by him. If he had set himself to it, it could've been eight movies. It could be many, many different things, and having made the film with him for 156 days, doubling the schedule and three months of training and three years of watching him write the script and having heard about it for 10 years, the movie, it's not like Lord Of The Rings. It's an experience film, it's an ordeal, it's a saga. It's kind of like a jam session. I mean, I think that his narrative is very straight, Kill Bill. And in a way, what's the cliffhanger? It's called Kill Bill. What do you think is going to happen? We're not going to Mordor and we're not going to Shilop the spider or whatever her name is. So, it's a very straight line, but it's a sensorial movie, it's a torturous, funny, insane, fantastical riff in a way. It sort of breaks form more than it tries to cliff-hang you or this you that you. It's a creative kind of free fall in a way. So, God only knows what can happen with something that's so outside of the box.

Why do they bleep your name? That one eludes me. You'll find out her name. You will definitely find out her name, I can tell you right now, but that'd ruin it.

Actually, Vivica A. Fox will tell you the name right now. Come back for the Vivica Fox interview.

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